Waste Water Treatment Systems

We can assist you with anything related to Wastewater or Greywater recycling, some of our great services are listed below. 

We can help you with new Wastewater Treatment Systems and Greywater Treatment System installations as well as septic tank system installations, repairs, maintenance and upgrades. We can provide you with advice and assistance to achieve the most economical and efficient solution!


  • Wastewater / Sewage Treatment System complete installation for your home

  • Retrofit your home with a Wastewater / Sewage Treatment System to your existing Septic System

  • Septic tank and effluent drainage complete domestic / commercial installation

  • Sub surface irrigation installations

  • Above or below ground Wastewater / Sewage Treatment System home installations

  • Steep or restricted access home / commercial sites



After Installation - Eco Executive Twin Tank Wastewater Treatment System


Eco Executive Twin Tank Entry Level Wastewater Treatment System


Greywater & Wastewater Treatment Systems & Septic Tanks


Faster Plumbers are specialists when it comes to grey water, wastewater and septic tank plumbing for your home or commercial application. We can help you select the right system for your individual requirements, whether you require a Greywater Treatment System, Wastewater Treatment System or a Septic tank and effluent system, we will design the most efficient and cost effective solution, without compromising quality.


We are able to help throughout all stages of the process to ensure it is smooth and hassle free for our clients. From initial design conception and subsequent Council approval, to supply and installation. We then carry on with the servicing and maintenance of your home / commercial Greywater or Wastewater Treatment System, as is required  in compliance with local Council regulations.


Faster Plumbers believe in staying up to date with the latest technology and provide forward thinking high quality solutions, promoting design simplicity, environmental sustainability and minimising ongoing costs for our clients. Our Greywater and Wastewater Treatment Systems are scientifically advanced, yet simple in design, with minimal impact on the environment.

Installed by Eminense Plumbing & Faster Plumbers
Eminense Plumbing

Did you know that quarterly servicing of your home Wastewater Treatment System is a requirement of your local authority? Faster Plumbers can provide you with a hassle free solution to ensure that you never need worry! We offer ongoing scheduled servicing and will provide a copy of the Service Report to both the local authority and to you, our valued client. 


Do you have an issue with the existing septic tank system, Greywater or Wastewater Treatment System at your home? Faster Plumbers are available to solve any issues related to your treatment system, from unpleasant odours to alarms and pump failures, we provide and deliver high quality tradesmen to solve all of your Greywater and Wastewater Treatment System concerns! 


We provide maintenance and quarterly servicing on all types of septic tank systems, aerated Wastewater and Greywater Treatment Systems including Econocycle, Ultra GTS, Taylex, Septech, Aqua-Nova and Supertreat.

Econo Pro - a huge 7000L concrete tank, suitable for a domestic household of up to 10 people

Grey Water Treatment Systems

Faster Plumbers supply and install the scientifically advanced ultraGTS Greywater Treatment System across the Yarra Valley and surrounding region in domestic applications. We also supply a modified version of the Greywater Treatment System which is compatible for Houseboats - please refer to the Houseboat section of our site for further information and pricing on the UltraGTS Greywater Treatment System.


The ultraGTS is an ultra modern state of the art Greywater Treatment System employing the latest in Membrane Technology and UV Disinfection. A compact Membrane Bio Reactor the ultraGTS utilises a combination of biological treatment and advanced membrane filtration followed by Ultra Violet Disinfection.

Greywater enters the system via an in ground collection sump and is then automatically dosed into the system. After advanced treatment the recycled water is stored in a re-use tank ready for use at your pleasure.

Wastewater Treatment System installed in the Yarra Valley (Yarra Glen) by Eminense & Faster Plumbers.